Work clothes rental

We are the only company in Slovenia offering a possibility of work clothes rental. Why not use this advantage and ensure:

  • a uniform appearance of your employees at work;
  • made-to-measure and personalised clothes that are suitably maintained and always clean;
  • rationalisation of your company’s expenses.

Wearing comfortable and fashionable work clothes will help further motivate your employees and contribute to the overall productivity of your company.

Rental of cleaning carpets and promotional doormats

We recommend renting the carpets and doormats for the following reasons:

  • Customers get 72% of their first impression about a business upon entering it
  • When using our carpets, the air quality in your premises will improve greatly
  • The doormats retain as much as 70% of the outside dirt brought into the premises by visitors upon their entry
  • Our doormats save you the time spent on cleaning the premises, while reducing costs at the same time
  • Our doormats always looks like new, the fibres never wearing off
  • We adapt our products to the weather and to your specific needs
  • Order a free cleaning carpet to try out!