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The general terms and conditions of the ZAŠČITA PTUJ d.o.o. online shop comply with the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot-UPB2), based on the recommendations of the Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia and international codes for e-business. The online shop is managed by ZAŠČITA PTUJ d.o.o., hereinafter referred to as the “seller”. We suggest carefully reading the terms and conditions below before using the online shop. When registering in the online shop, the visitor becomes a member and thus acquires the right to purchase. At the same time, when signing up, the visitor agrees with the terms and conditions, below. All personal information is strictly protected. The seller reserves the right to change conditions at any time and without prior notice. All changes are binding on buyers, so we recommend regularly reviewing the terms and conditions. If you do not agree with the terms, you are kindly asked not to use the online shop.


The seller undertakes to always provide the buyer with the following information:
a) company’s identity (name and seat, registry number)
b) contact information for quick and effective communication (e-mail, telephone)
c) key characteristics of goods or services (including after-sales services and guarantees)
d) availability of products (any product or service offered on the website should be accessible within a reasonable time-frame)
e) terms of delivery of the product or of the service (method, place and time of delivery)
f) all prices shall be clearly and unambiguously marked, while clearly showing whether the costs of VAT and transport are included or not
g) payment and delivery method
h) offer duration
(i) time limit still allowing the buyer to withdraw from the contract and the conditions for withdrawal; modalities and possible costs of returns
j) clarifications regarding the complaint procedure, including all information on the contact person or the customer service department


The offer is updated and amended as stems from the nature of online trade.


All prices are in EUR and include VAT. ZAŠČITA PTUJ d.o.o., is a taxable company. Prices are valid at the time of order and do not a have predefined validity duration. The sales contract between the seller and the buyer is concluded when the seller confirms the order (the buyer receives an electronic notification of the confirmed order and a pro forma invoice). From this moment, all prices and other conditions are fixed and apply to both the seller and the buyer. Prices in special offers are determined ad hoc and are valid within a certain time period, or until stocks last.


The company only operates on the territory of the Republic of Slovenia, where it enables payment upon delivery or payment by pro-forma invoice to the seller’s account. The purchase contract (order) is electronically stored on the seller’s server and available to the buyer at any time in their user profile (»My Account«). In addition, the buyer receives a printed copy with the package sent.


The shipping cost is set at € 4.90 for payments upon delivery. The buyer shall pay for shipping upon takeover of goods, except if:
– the purchase is made in the framework of a special offer explicitly stating free postage
– stated otherwise next to the product (i.e. »postage included in the price«).


Ordering is possible through the online shop or by email or telephone. Any possible changes or cancellations should be communicated as soon as possible through any communication channel. All information on the order is stored by the company ZAŠČITA PTUJ d.o.o.


Registering at the online shop is optional when order is placed under »guest« profile. In this way, the buyer chooses the item, adds it to the basket, then goes to the basket (through the button check the basket or by clicking the basket above on the right). The buyer can adjust the quantity or remove a certain item by clicking on the button next to choosing the method of payment and by entering the shipping information. Comments can also be added, if need be. This concludes the purchase by clicking on the button confirming the order. When the order is made, the buyer receives an email with a pro-forma invoice. The contract for purchasing the ordered items between the buyer and the seller is irrevocably concluded at this stage.


A buyer can cancel an order within one hour after the submission of the order by e-mail or telephone. The cancellation message should include the order number, as well as the buyer’s name and surname.


All products are in stock. In the event that the product of choice is sold out, the seller will notify the buyer as soon as possible and an alternative solution will mutually be found. All orders submitted within working hours shall be delivered to the buyer’s address within five working days. In addition to the product, the buyer receives an invoice that counts as warranty. The delivery is made by the national post office – Pošta Slovenije.


If the buyer resigns from the order or from the contract in accordance with conditions for withdrawal, the seller is obliged to transfer the purchasing price amount to the seller’s account within 10 days after receiving the products.


The seller undertakes to permanently protect all personal data of the user. The seller can use the personal data exclusively for fulfilling the order (sending information material, offers, and bills) and other communication as needed. In no case shall the user’s information be transferred to unauthorized persons. In order to protect their own personal data, the user is also responsible for ensuring the security of their username and password, as well as the appropriate software (malware) protection of their computer.


According to the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot), the buyer can – within 15 days of receiving the product – communicate to the company the withdrawal from the contract by email or telephone, without having to state the reason for this decision. The only cost charged to the buyer regarding the cancellation of the contract is the return shipping fee. The buyer shall return the items to the seller no later than 14 days after the cancellation message. We recommend informing us by e-mail or calling us by phone before returning the products, to agree on the best return method. The buyer withdrawing from the contract or order shall return the goods undamaged in the original packaging. If physical damage of goods is established, or if there are items missing, the buyer is obliged to pay the damage. The withdrawal from the contract is not possible in the following cases: if the goods are damaged, dirty or with visible traces of use (physical damage, traces of liquids); in the event of damage or destruction of packaging, the value of the goods is reduced. All our packaging can be opened without visible traces. For damaged packaging (torn packaging or unsuitably wrapped packages), the seller shall charge a compensation fee in the amount of up to 20% of the value of the goods. The seller shall return any incorrectly returned packages, taking photos of the contents and the products as a potential proof of the damage incurred.


The seller can contact the buyer through communication means only if the buyer does not explicitly object to this. Advertising emails shall be clearly and unambiguously marked as advertising messages, with the sender clearly stated, while promotional campaigns and other marketing techniques shall be marked accordingly. Conditions for participation in such campaigns shall also be clearly defined. The possibility and the way of unsubscribing from advertising messages shall be clearly explained; the seller shall explicitly respect the buyer’s wish not to receive advertising messages.


The seller respects the valid consumer protection legislation.
The seller shall establish an effective system for handling complaints and identify a person who is, in the event of a problem, reachable for the buyers by telephone or by e-mail. The complaint procedure shall be explained on the website, is easy to use and confidential.
Within five working days, the seller shall confirm the receipt of the complaint and inform the buyer how long it will take to deal with it, while keeping the buyer informed on the course of the procedure.
The seller understands that the key characteristic of a consumer dispute, at least in terms of judicial resolution, is the disproportion between the economic value of the claim and the costs arising in the resolution of the dispute itself. This is also the main reason for the consumer not to initiate a dispute before a court.
Therefore, the seller does their utmost to resolve any dispute by mutual consent.
As stemming from the legal regulations, we do not recognize any intermediary for out-of-court settlements of consumer disputes as competent for resolving consumer disputes that buyers could launch under the Out-of-Court Consumer Dispute Resolution Act. ZAŠČITA PTUJ d.o.o. providing an online shopping platform on the territory of Slovenia as a seller of goods and services, publishes a website electronic link to the online consumer disputes (SRPS) platform.
The platform is available to consumers on the following link:
We look forward to your frequent visits to our online shop.