Are you among the businesses that want to increase their visibility? Have you already been contemplating the possibility of achieving this by using customized workwear, completely tailored to your business and in line with your corporate identity?

Choose us! We hire professionals, designers and consultants who customize suggestions, designs and cuts of the products chosen. Thus, the colour and the composition of the fabric from which the products are made are chosen specifically to suit your wishes and needs.

During product development, we pay particular attention to the following:

  • The uniqueness and visibility of the product
  • Fit-for-purpose – we adapt our solutions to the specific needs of the professions and the environment in which your staff work
  • The selection of suitable materials and colours
  • The fashion aspect, where we follow the latest fashion trends, as well as the modelling and design solutions, paying specific attention to the practicality of our aesthetic solutions.

Our solutions apply to orders of over 50 ordered pieces per product.

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  • Customized PRIORI orders Plan
  • Customized PRIORI orders Solution
  • Customized PRIORI orders Order
  • Customized PRIORI orders Production
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First we will arrange a visit and listen carefully to your requirements
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We will prepare the images of your new clothes
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Together we will find the best solution
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Next, the order is approved by the client
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Clothes samples are produced and sent for approval
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The final order is sent into production
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